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Simple Ways to Insulate Your Home

So far, we’ve had a pretty mild winter for Michigan, but colder weather is coming – with single-digit temps and snow predicted in the coming weeks. If you haven’t started preparing your home for the cold already, we suggest getting a start on it now. Obviously, the most important step to take is making sure your furnace is in its best working condition. We suggest doing so by getting a furnace tune-up. Once your furnace is working at its most efficient, you’ll want to keep that heat inside your home and prevent cold air from coming in. That’s why it’s important to insulate your home. The following tips will help your home stay warm this year.

First, we’ll tell you what you don’t want to do, and that is use space heaters. They do nothing for insulation. They’re also inefficient, only heat one room, and may increase your monthly electric bill. Plus, they can be fire hazards in your home.

So what should you do instead? Read on.

Three Ways to Insulate Your Home

Start with the windows. Add another layer of insulation on your windows by adhering plastic sheeting to your window panes. Simply apply the plastic and blow over it with a hairdryer. Surprisingly, you can also use bubble wrap on the panes. Spritz the pane with water and apply the bubble wrap bubble side down. Keep drafts from slipping through any cracks by caulking around the windows, creating a seal. Once you keep cold air from getting in the home, work to keep heat from escaping out. Use insulated curtains to do this. These lined curtains block heat exchange.

Move on to the doors next. Change out the screen in your storm door for a glass pane to block out cold drafts and other harsh winter weather. Seal the doorway with rubber weather stripping and install a door sweep at the bottom of your door.

Take care of the top and bottom. Heat rises, so you may want to add more insulation to the attic to prevent heat loss. One easy way to do this on your own is to just roll some unfaced insulation on the attic floor. This will offer just basic insulation. We recommend speaking to an expert on more advanced ways to insulate your attic. If you have hardwood floors, you can quickly add insulation to your floor simply by laying down a large area rug.

For more home maintenance tips and HVAC advice, check out the other posts we have on our heating and cooling blog. Do you have more questions? Give us a call. Our trained technicians are always here to help.

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