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Tips for Increasing Furnace Efficiency

You may have read a sentence or two about increasing furnace efficiency throughout this heating and cooling blog, but the topic is so important, it really does deserve its own post. So we’re putting all of that information in one place. Read on to learn how to increase the efficiency of your furnace, why it’s important, and who to turn to for help.

Why Furnace Efficiency is Important

To say it plain and simple, the more efficient your furnace is, the more money you’ll save. Why? There are many reasons. For one, it’s better for the environment. For another, it helps save you money – in more ways than one.

Your utility bills will go down. An energy efficient furnace requires less energy to run. That’s because it is not working extra hard to pump out the same amount of heat. Less energy used means lower utility bills each month. 

You won’t have to pay for as many repairs. Imagine that you have to run a mile. It may seem challenging, but it is still manageable. Now imagine having to run a mile wearing a heavy backpack and pulling extra weight behind you. Not only will that require more energy and muscle, but you’ll get tired way faster and you may even hurt yourself. That’s how your furnace feels when it isn’t running efficiently. And all of that extra work your furnace needs to do can take a toll on the system, causing the system to get tired and experience premature breakdowns. When it is running like a well-oiled machine, you won’t have as many breakdowns, saving you money on costly furnace repairs – or even worse, replacements.

How to Increase Your Furnace Efficiency

There are many simple steps you can take to increase the efficiency of your furnace in your home.

Change your filter. One of the easiest steps to take is to change the air filter on your system. We recommend changing it every three months and checking it every one month. A really dirty filter blocks air flow and causes the system to work hard to get that air. The filter also protects the system from dirt and debris that can be harmful to the system. An old filter can cause a buildup of these particles. Changing your filter is simple and typically takes less than five minutes to do. You can find the right filter for your system at a nearby home improvement store.

Install a programmable thermostat. When you’re out of the house or sleeping, give your furnace a little bit of a break. A programmable thermostat will automatically set the temperature in your house to cooler when you are not home.

Seal any air escape routes. Check for drafts around window and doors and correct any you find. You’ll also want to check the ductwork in your home and seal off any places air may escape.

Get an annual furnace tune-up. Nothing helps improve furnace efficiency more than annual furnace maintenance from a professional company. During the tune-up, the technician will clean various parts of the system and spot and correct any problems that may be causing your system to run slower than normal. Your furnace will feel – and run – like a brand new machine.

Charest Heating & Cooling is Here to Help

Along with providing furnace maintenance and emergency repair services, the technicians at Charest Heating & Cooling can help answer questions you may have about your furnace or air conditioner. They can provide tips to help you maintain your appliances and offer solutions to mort HVAC-related problems. Give us a call today to see how we can help you with your home heating or cooling needs.

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